Retread Instead® Applauds the USCIT Decision


Madison, TN (November 01, 2018) 

On November 1, 2018, the U.S. Court of International Trade remanded the negative U.S. Court of International Trade injury determination on truck and bus tires from China. The USITC will now review the USCIT decision and the underlying record as it considers how to proceed. The court has given the Commission time to conduct the remand. 

Effective enforcement of U.S. trade remedy laws is very important to the U.S. retread industry. Retreading commercial truck tires in the United States is a 3 billion dollar industry that has significant economic & environmental benefits to our nation. There are well over 100,000 U.S. jobs in retreading and related industries that are being threatened by the importation of non retreadable truck and bus tires from China that are sold at below fair market value. 

Retread Instead®  is a coalition of retread industry supporters that was created to enhance the awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of retreading throughout North America. 

Retread Instead® supports imposing tariffs, antidumping duties (AD) and countervailing duties (CVD) on commercial Chinese truck and bus tires that are imported into the United States because, China is a “non-market economy” that dumps low quality non-retreadable truck tires into the U.S below fair market value thus undermining the retread industry.

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USTR Finalizes Tariffs on $200 Billion of Chinese Imports in Response to China’s Unfair Trade Practices


Washington, DC – As part of the United States’ continuing response to China’s theft of American intellectual property and forced transfer of American technology, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) today released a list of approximately $200 billion worth of Chinese imports that will be subject to additional tariffs.  In accordance with the direction of President Trump, the additional tariffs will be effective starting September 24, 2018, and initially will be in the amount of 10 percent.  Starting January 1, 2019, the level of the additional tariffs will increase to 25 percent. 


Retread Instead Lobbies Federal Lawmakers and Regulators


Supporters of the Retread Instead coalition lobbied lawmakers and regulators on behalf of the retreading industry on June 20, 2018.

The group of seven retreading industry leaders were participating in the Tire Industry Association’s (TIA) 2018 federal lobby day.

Retread Instead supporters began the day at the American Trucking Associations office with a federal agency briefing that included several representatives from the Department of Transportation.

The group then went to the Russell, Dirksen and Hart Senate office buildings where TIA had pre-arranged appointments. Retread Instead supporters had 30-minute meetings with staff at the following Senator offices; Lamar Alexander (R - TN), Bob Corker (R - TN), Kirsten Gillibrand (D - NY), Tim Kaine (D - VA), Rand Paul (R - KY), Marco Rubio (R - FL) and Mark Warner (D - VA).

The group ran at an incredible pace to meet the tight schedule, according to Ron Elliott, marketing and communications manager for Marangoni Tread North America Inc. and Retread Instead spokesperson.

Although the faces and offices changed, the message to maintain a full complement of commissioners at the United States International Trade Commission at all times stayed the same.The group also emphasized the need for a tariff on commercial truck and bus tires that are imported from China and stressed the economic and environmental benefits of retreading as opposed to the “one and done” tires that end up in our landfills.

“We were met at each meeting with enthusiasm and a thirst for additional knowledge of what retreading is and how it benefits our economy as well as the environment,” says Elliott.

“Our goal was to garner support and momentum for our cause and that we did! At each office we gained additional contacts and information that will help us concentrate our efforts towards the Senate Finance committee where at this time the nominees are waiting in que to be approved prior to moving on to the Senate for a full vote.”

Gene Walker of Premier Rubber Co. noted that it was imperative to point out in every meeting that retreading is recycling and 100% of the waste stream generated by retreading a tire is recycled into value added products.

For example, retreading a tire provides 10-13 pounds of raw material for children's playground safety surfaces. “With a limited supply available due to the reduction in retreading because of the influx of cheap Chinese nonretreadable tires, this translates to a higher cost and lower quality alternative being used. We learned firsthand what it takes to change anything in Washington and were given the right direction to pursue,” says Walker.

The day wrapped up with a reception in the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Room at the Rayburn House office building. Retread Instead had a table with product and literature on display that represented retreading and related industries for the senators, congressman, and staff that attended to view. The reception’s keynote address was given by Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD-5).

The Retread Instead supporters at TIA’s lobby day were:

  • Jeffrey Parks-California /Retread Tire Association;
  • Terry Westhafer-Virginia/Central Tire;
  • Bob Majewski-Kentucky/Sumerel Tire;
  • Ron Elliott-Tennessee/Marangoni Tread;
  • Dexter Matthews-North Carolina/Liberty Tire Recycling;
  • Gail Walker-New York/Premier Rubber Co.;
  • Gene Walker-New York/Premier Rubber Co.; and
  • Lazaro Gonzalez-Florida/Rubber Designs.

Retread Instead says it supports imposing tariffs on commercial Chinese truck and bus tires that are imported into the United States because China is a “non-market economy” that dumps low quality non-retreadable truck tires into the U.S below fair market value, thus undermining the retread industry

Gene Walker (left) and Ron Elliott (right) discussed the retreading industry with members of Congress and staff at a reception at the Rayburn House office building.

Dear Senator Letter Campaign Planning Meeting

From Left to Right;

Ron Elliott-Marketing Manager / Marangoni Tread N.A.,Inc. , Bill "Waz" Waerzeggers-Director of Manufacturing / Pomp's Tire Service, Tim BeVier-National Account Bus. Dev. / Tech International, Jim Osborne-Gen.Mgr. Retread Operations / McGriff Treading Co.,Inc., Gene Walker-Vice President / Premier Rubber Company, Bill Sweatman-President / Marangoni Tread N.A.,Inc., Shawn Wilkening-Vice President / Cross Dillon Tire and Hal Stuhl-Vice President Rubber Products / Accella Company. 



  Retread Instead™  

Dear Senator Campaign 

Planning Meeting

Madison, TN (March 29th, 2018) 

Retread InsteadTM  ( (a coalition of retread industry supporters) was created to enhance the awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of retreading throughout North America. 

Because China is a “non-market economy” that dumps truck tires into the U.S below fair market value, Retread InsteadTM supports imposing tariffs, antidumping duties (AD) and countervailing duties (CVD) on commercial Chinese truck and bus tires that are imported into the United States.

At the beginning of the year, Retread InsteadTM launched a very aggressive Dear, U.S. Senator Letter Campaign and since then, hundreds of letters have been sent out to all U.S.Senators.

The campaigns main goal is to educate and inform all of our U.S. Senators the urgency of making sure that the United States International Trade Commission at all times has a full complement of commissioners to ensure fair and balanced determinations.

Prior to the launch of the campaign, the President nominated several people to the Commerce Department and three individuals for the USITC Commissioner positions.

Since the launch of the campaign, the Commerce slots have been filled (i.e., confirmation occurred) and one of the USITC commission slots has now been confirmed (swearing in on April 2) so, there are now three USITC commission nominees who have yet to have a hearing.

With nominees still waiting in the wings, Retread Instead decided to invite several industry leaders to a round table planning meeting to gain support and resources to supercharge the campaign.

Marangoni Tread N.A., Inc. hosted the meeting at their North American headquarters in Madison, TN. and was attended by representatives from Premier Rubber Company, Tech International, McGriff Tire, Cross Dillon Tire, Marangoni Tread, Pomp’s Tire Service and Accella Corporation. 

The attendees were informed at the beginning of the meeting that antitrust laws applied and the only discussion would be that of the Retread Instead campaign. The agenda included topics such as; Our administrations trade policy, website recommendations, update on Europe’s progress in getting Chinese tires stopped but, most importantly, the need to rapidly expand the scope of support for the letter writing campaign as soon as possible.

“The meeting was a success and a unanimous decision was made to first and foremost zero in on the main goal of ensuring a full complement of commissioners well in advance of a possible ruling by the United States Court of International Trade on the appeal that the United Steel Workers Union filed. With the group’s collective resources, contacts and willingness to spread the word, we should see tens of thousands of letters going out to our U.S. Senators very soon. We cannot stop there and are calling on all of our industry brothers and sisters to take a stand and show their support by sending letters now. ” Said, Retread Instead Spokesperson Ron Elliott

To show your support! please go to today and review the letter then decide if you want to; Let Retread Instead send your Senator a letter on your behalf Or, download the letter and send it yourself.

Trade Update: Steel, Aluminum Tariffs Go Into Effect With Some Exemptions

USW reply brief filed 11/28/2017 with USCIT in TBR case

Public Version 20171128 USW Reply Brief, USW v. US, Ct. No. 17-00078 (pdf)


US Congressman Jim Cooper visits MTNA in support of the Retread Instead Campaign. From left to right; Christopher Jerrolds/Legislative Assistant, Bill Sweatman/President Marangoni Tread North America and, US Congressman Jim Cooper. 

  Marangoni Tread North America Hosts U.S. Congressman Diane Black  To Promote Retreading  

Steelworkers Union Attacks ITC's Handling of Chinese Tire Tariffs

 Attorneys for the United Steelworkers have laid out their case with the ways they believe the International Trade Commission erred in February when it didn’t order tariffs on truck and bus tires from China. 

Click on link below to read the full article.

petition to nominate USITC Commissioner