USW reply brief filed 11/28/2017 with USCIT in TBR case

Public Version 20171128 USW Reply Brief, USW v. US, Ct. No. 17-00078 (pdf)


US Congressman Jim Cooper visits MTNA in support of the Retread Instead Campaign. From left to right; Christopher Jerrolds/Legislative Assistant, Bill Sweatman/President Marangoni Tread North America and, US Congressman Jim Cooper. 

  Marangoni Tread North America Hosts U.S. Congressman Diane Black  To Promote Retreading  

Steelworkers Union Attacks ITC's Handling of Chinese Tire Tariffs

 Attorneys for the United Steelworkers have laid out their case with the ways they believe the International Trade Commission erred in February when it didn’t order tariffs on truck and bus tires from China. 

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petition to nominate USITC Commissioner