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We must band together and reach out to all of our United States Senators to fill all open positions at the United States International Trade Commission well in advance of a possible ruling by the United States Court of International Trade. 

The United Steel Workers Union filed a reply brief with the USCIT (United States Court of International Trade) on 11/28/2017 in the USW’s challenge to the negative final injury determination by the United States International Trade Commission in the truck and bus tires from China cases. 

WE need your SUPPORT! and to make it easy for you, we will send the below letter on your behalf to your respective Senator. 

Dear Senator ____________________________,

Retreading commercial truck tires in the United States is a 3 billion dollar industry that has significant economic & environmental benefits to our nation.

Premium, high quality truck and bus tires are made to be repaired, retreaded and run hundreds of thousand miles before having to be replaced. The importation of low quality truck tires from China that can’t be retreaded and are sold at below fair market value threatens over 60,000 U.S. jobs in the retreading and related industries and is, unnecessarily, sending millions of used tires to our landfills. Retreading commercial truck and bus tires recycles hundreds of millions of pounds of raw materials each year. Retreading is Recycling!

In a 3-2 vote with one commissioner abstaining and who voted yes during the preliminary vote, the U.S. International Trade Commission on February 22nd, 2017 ruled not to impose tariffs to offset the subsidies and dumping of Chinese-made truck and bus tires imported into the United States. The absence of this key commissioner’s vote undoubtedly impacted the final determination.

The United Steel Workers Union filed an appeal in April challenging the ITC’s decision. 

Effective enforcement of U.S. trade remedy laws is very important to the U.S. retread tire industry and to our company in particular. We have seen a significant loss of business from a rising tide of imports of truck and bus tires from China. For there to be effective enforcement, it is critical that the agencies that administer the laws (the Commerce Department and the United States International Trade Commission) have a full complement of commissioners. 

The International Trade Commission currently has only four of six Commissioner positions filled and two of those still serving are past the original term of their appointment. I understand that the President has nominated three individuals for Commission positions (and presumably will nominate a fourth in due course). 

1. We ask the Senate Finance Committee to approve Randolph J. Stayin and Dennis M. Devaney right away.

2. We ask the Senate to hold a vote on Jason Kearns and any nominees who are approved by the Senate Finance Committee without delay.

This is very important to us, so on behalf of our employees, management, voters, and the environment, thank you in advance for your support! 

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